Tid Bits

1. We've had a lot of "normal" days lately. Normal routines. Normal weekends. Trips to the grocery store. Walks in the neighborhood. I'm thankful for all these average and not so exciting times.

2. Stephen Small is getting over his first ear infection. He loves his meds, bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin.

3. My mama's coming to visit today!

4. Aunt Lu will be out of school in just a few short weeks! Yay. More time with us.

5. Captain Steve is working hard. He launched his new marine mechanics business this year. He is staying super busy. As any of you boat owners out there already know, boats are always broken.

6. I want some new clothes, white jeans specifically. Never thought I would say that.

7. I'm so ready for LOST to be over.

8. My planters have doubled in size. Miracle Gro WORKS.

9. My new sewing goal is to completely deplete my fabric supply before I buy anymore. It will be interesting to see the projects that come out of this.

10. I'm excited for summer.

This picture was taken last June. Aunt Lu and I spent a morning at the farmers' market. I was so antsy to get out of the house even if that meant bringing along a sleepy headed 2 month old.

Hope you all are having a great week!


Lynn Beck said...

Hope your week is great too. Enjoy having your mom there.

Laura said...

It is so great to have "normal" for a while, even if it is short lived! Enjoy your normal!

PS: I love the new header!

lexie johnston said...

Y'all should move to Memphis and SG can work for the barge/tugboat company torrent works for. oh yeah you prob knew that since joseph is now on board with the company too.
and yes, boats are ALWAYS broken.
and broken boats ALWAYS end up in our backyard, whether they belong to us or not.
I was in Target and tried to decide if white jeans were cute or not. i thought they were and im glad you agree.

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Lurd, don't I know it about those darn boats! Except, Matt doesn't actually verbalize "broken".....instead, he likes to say, "I need to work on things with ____ boat." Feel my pain, we have entirely too many boats! I need to blog about all of the boats.

leslie the young mother said...

so true about the boats, haha! also, good call with the white jeans. I keep thinking I want a pair and then remember that my toddler has ruined many a white skirt already so I might wait a little longer. oh, and maternity jeans are iffy, ha! hope you have a fun week with your momma. probably much sewing will happen!

Whitney Lee said...

Love "normal days", love my white jeans, and I hate LOST.

Also, Deb's stain remover secret: oxyclean, soak, sunlight.

Lindsay said...

Just bought some miracle grow myself to grow herbs from seeds. I'm sure I'll be calling you...

Happy Normal!

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