Spring Evenings

These spring evenings have been perfect for cooking out on our porch. We have enjoyed many meals out there this season.

Saturday night Aunt Lu and her husband Nick came over for dinner. I must say it is so nice to have a sister in town. There is no "pressure" when you have your sister over. Plus when she asks "Can I bring anything?", I feel totally comfortable saying "Yes, do you mind bringing the entree and will you pick up a bottle of wine on your way over?"

That Aunt Lu, she ain't half bad.

Here's to enjoying many more meals on the porch!


Lynn Beck said...

You're right about Aunt Lu. She "ain't half bad." I can say the same for you.

It's fun to see your table and meal and Aunt Lu. (She looks great). And I love the ketchup bottle. Ketchup was such a staple for our family!!

Love you all!

Whitney Lee said...

Sweet girls you both are! Hope to be living closer to you girls or my sisters one day! You're a lucky girl!

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