Book Bag

One of Stephen Small's best buds recently had a birthday. We decided to give him a hand made book bag. Because every boy needs a book bag.

No pattern necessary. I used this tote bag of mine as the "model" for size. If you're interested in making one, then follow me along on a quick and not super thorough tutorial...

Step 1- cut out 2 rectangles of fabric and 2 rectangles of quilt backing or whatever you want to use for lining. Make the lining slightly smaller (like 1/2 -3/4 inch small on all sides) because you want the lining to fit inside the bag.

Step 2- Sew fabric right sides together and lining right sides together. Turn fabric sides right side out. Leave lining inside out.

Step 3- Slip lining inside bag and line up seams.

Step 4- At the top of bag, fold under and iron the edges under. Pin.

Sew top seam.

Step 5- Cut 2 decent size rectangles for straps. Fold over and sew right sides together.

Step 6- Turn straps right side out. I put a seam down the middle for reinforcement. You could skip this step if desired.

Step 7- Sew straps to top of bag.

When I make another one, I will probably sew the straps in between the lining and the fabric. Experience is the best teacher. I would also wash and dry the quilted lining. It shrunk a little more than I expected. Oh well.

This was such a fun little project.

If I had thought about it far enough in advance, I probably would have had it monogrammed or a name put on there. I think it would be cute to have BOOKS written on it too.

I'll be back soon.


Confessions said...

Sarah Barry- how have i just now found your jewel of a blog?! I have spent HOURS reading through all your posts. Love it! You are just the cutest thing! Just wanted to say hi.

-Katie (Bromberg) from Auburn. I'm think you'd remember?? Ok, now I feel like the biggest dork, cause there's really no reason you'd remember me. Haha. I promise I'm not some weirdo blogger stalker freak, okay?? :)

leslie the young mother said...

SB, this bag is so cute! you inspire me yet again...

Lindsay said...

CUTE! With the golden books inside- brilliant! Again, ALMOST making me want to sew... I will reserve that for when we DO live in the same town again one day. I feel sure it will happen.

Jennifer Trott said...

Awesome and we LOVE it!! This was THE SWEETEST, most thougtful gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now I will have to take your tutorial and try one myself! Hope your Mother's Day was so great!!

Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

Um... yes, this is SO super cute!! You've definitely inspired me to sew.. still learning, but I definitely love seeing all of your fun projects.. and looking at cute pictures of Stephen Small...

Blessings! Mary Frances

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