Laughing at Ourselves

Last week, we had such a treat. My my best life long friend and her adorable little boy, J, came to pay us a visit.

During our time together and as always, Lindsay and I found ourselves laughing constantly at none other but our very own selves. The height of this was during one of our outings when we braved Wal-mart together (all 4 of us). My only explanation for doing this is to say that misery loves company.

Only kidding.

It really it wasn't so bad, it was just the potential to be horrible that made us laugh. After all, we had a 12 month old boy (SS) and a 15 month old boy (J), who fell in love with the large colorful bouncy balls and insisted on making his mother buy him one until he got distracted by a lady with crutches. Oh how we laughed. We felt home free once we made it to check out. But then SS became determined to barrel himself down out of my arms and run barefooted in his unbuttoned romper in front of the vision center. It brought a new meaning to the term "Wal-Mart feet." If it makes you feel any better, we did this all in the name of crafting. Some of you understand, right?

Another hilarious moment (at least we think its hilarious) was when we opted to pick up Chinese food instead of having a night out baby-free. Stephen Grande was perfectly willing to babysit, but the thought of staying home in our elastic pants and falling asleep during a movie was way more appealing than going to a restaurant. I think Wal-Mart did us in....and motherhood in general. Once again...us...laughing at ourselves.

Finally, and maybe our most insanely funny moment while they were here was when we attempted to let the boys do a little finger painting. I was so excited about this activity. I even bought frames to put their "art work" in. Needless to say, it was a disaster. They both wanted to do everything with the paint except PAINT. Words said in retrospect about the whole ordeal were "It all happened so fast!" - Lindsay and "What a nightmare!" -me.
Oh well, what can we expect? They are both 1. Ha.

All these things give me enough to chuckle about until our next visit.

Lindsay and J, we were so delighted to have y'all. You are welcome anytime! Our pack n play is always open.

For more reading about our visit and some seriously cute photos of our Wal-Mart boys, read Lindsay's blog here.


Casey Cockrum said...

so glad y'all had fun and laughed a lot!

Nell said...

Adorable! Love these two boys so much (and their moms). Laughing now thinking of y'all laughing at yourselves.

Lindsay said...

and... I literally laughed OUT LOUD through this entire post. You really captured our silliness, Chinese food and all. And man, that hit the spot... I hope we can come back soon!

Lynn Beck said...

I LOVE this post. I remember when the two of you visited me in Tuscaloosa. I'm pulling for both of you and babies (including Lindsay's daughter) to head out here to Fresno and Stockton! I'll babysit all of the babies.

leslie the young mother said...

so fun! y'all are always full of laughs :) love the pics of your little guys!

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