Stephen Small's Birthday Bash

Hello everyone! I'm back and ready to dish about all the details of Stephen Small's birthday party. Most of you know that he turned one year old 2 weeks ago! I only blogged about it 3 times.

This picture was taken upon waking up from nap time. Can you tell?

We officially celebrated this milestone by having a friends and family birthday dinner at our home on a Friday night. Praise the Lord the rain held off! The sky was bleak, but the party was a blast.

As you will learn in this post, I have a ridiculous, out of control love for children's birthdays. My mother is to blame. She always planned the most fun and creative parties when my siblings and I were coming along. I guess it is ingrained in me to do the same for my children (within reason and budget of course).

My focus today is to share party details in hopes to inspire.

Oh where do I begin?!

I'll start with the theme.

The party theme was rubber duckies.

These pictured above were given out as party favors.

For the party decor' I bought classic birthday balloons. And if you want to see me get nervous, then you should accompany me on my next balloon purchase. I was so afraid they were going to escape or pop. I was shaking in my flip flops. Only one was lost...to popping.

I also had this silly ol iron duck that my dad bought on sale months ago at a home decor' store. It was a festive way to welcome guests.

The birthday banner barely made an appearance. I TOTALLY FORGOT to put it out. My mom remembered it around 5:45 (the party started at 6!). I would have been kicking myself had she not thought of it.

Onto napkins and table cloths. For this I delved into my fabric collection.

I made cloth napkins by hemming up some fabric squares on all four sides . I loved this little sewing project. I used scraps I had left over from other projects.

I wrapped them around the forks and tied them up with a little piece of twine.

For the table cloths I bought blue gingham and had the fabric store cut pieces to my table sizes. I have already re-used this fabric to make a little romper for Stephen Small. So if you like to sew, keep in mind that your table cloths can serve a second purpose after the event is over.

The little potted plants you see below were used for table arrangements. These were inspired by my friend James Farmer. He often recommends "living arrangements" instead of fresh cut flowers. It is a great way to get more bang for your buck because unlike fresh flowers that die in just a couple of days, these potted plants can be transplanted in the ground and enjoyed for months. Also, you can put them together days before. I planted on Wednesday before the party on Friday.

The cost of the impatiens were $6 and the little containers are McCarty bowls that I collect and already had. You could use anything...mason jars, terra cotta pots, etc.

Okay, let's talk about food!

My mom brought the appetizers. She made a beautiful vegetable tray and dip as well as some delicious tortilla bites with salsa that are not pictured.

The dip can also be eaten with bugles which were a huge hit with the children. All the babies could be found at any given moment at the bugle bowl.

For the main course we had hamburgers, Captain Steve's labor inducing hamburgers to be exact. They are dubbed this dramatic name because two pregnant women (one being myself) on two separate occasions, have gone into labor within hours of eating my husband's amazing grilled hamburgers. Seriously, they are THAT good and a staple at our house.

Individual chip bags were one of the sides which made it is so easy on me. Hello, no cooking!

The only thing I made was a slaw recipe similar to my broccoli slaw. Once again, not really cooking, just assembling.

Now for the cake...OH THE CAKE! Not only was it the cutest cake EVER, it tasted insanely good. My cousin made and decorated it. She seriously needs to open a bakery.

One little cake was made specially for Stephen Small. And you know he LOVED it.

Now, for my favorite party detail, which I can take no credit for because it was %100 my mom's idea. She brought this adorable little alphabet book. We set it out for each guest to sign their name on the letter that their name started with.

I'm sure we will read this book for years and when Stephen Small is old enough we can look back as say "Look who signed this page at your first birthday!"

"And this page."

Even though these details made the party fun, it was the people there with us that made the event so special. We are so grateful for the friends and family that were able to come (especially those of you who traveled)! It means the world to us.

I will close by saying one final time...HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY STEPHEN SMALL! We are so glad you were born.


Laura Merrill said...

So so so cute!

Jess said...

Your party turned out FANTASTIC! I loved looking at all the pictures. What a cute theme! The handmade napkins were my favorite I think - great idea!

Whitney Lee said...

Love the theme, love the fabric, love your kid.

The party looked so fun!

joy said...

The rubber ducks "given out as party favors" was a nice way of saying- those crazy Ward cousins ran off with them all! It seems we have at least 35 in the bathtub now... :)
It was a fun party and you did a great job!

Lindsay said...

What a fun party! Fabulous job and ideas on everything! Did Ellen or Bibba make the cake?? It is adorable!

Oh- and I might be swinging by early September for one of those burgers...

Lynn Beck said...

I've been checking everyday to see if your "blogging" break was over. It's good to have you back and the party looks wonderful!

Jennifer Trott said...

yay!! WELCOME BACK! and i know one cute little kiddo who made the blog. it was such a precious and fun party!!

The Brannens said...

What a precious birthday party!! You are so creative!

Elisabeth said...

so glad you are back. i only wish i had a piece of the cake. remember you said we would talk about the reciepe. PLEASE!enb

Susie said...

Amazing party--amazing memory making for SS. Wow!

leslie the young mother said...

cutest party ever! every detail was perfect. what a precious little blessing Stephen Small is.... may this next year be just as full of joy!

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