Porch Time

Stephen and I talk all the time about how much we love our house. It is not a fancy home by any stretch, but it is our home. It is comfortable. It is within our means. It is simple.

The only thing we really dislike about our house is that it was originally built with NO porch.

Isn't that a crime.

I personally think every house should have a porch. I'm a porch person. I come from porch people.

So Stephen got to building.... and spent a lot of time up high on the rafters. This made me very nervous because I'm an extra cautious person.

I just knew he would fall down and crack his head open and then I would have to call the ambulance. But thankfully none of those things happened.

And now we have a beautiful screened in back porch.

We still need to tidy it up and finish staining all the wood. But for now it works and is highly functional.

We broke it in last night with our Bible study group.

We have a lot of porch time to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it, looks great! How about I drive over like 50 cookies and we eat them with coffee on the porch?

Joy said...

Stephen is so talented.
It runs in the family. Ha! :)
Can't wait to come and visit!

Lynn Beck said...

This looks wonderful. I am so impressed. And I'm glad Stephen didn't fall and crack his head!!

leslie. said...

Soooo awesome! What a beautiful porch, with many a conversation and cup of coffee to entertain :)

Jill said...

Those boards with rusty nails all over our Cherokee backyard surely paid off! Stephen has a "building gene," mutant from who-knows-where.
I want to know: when's baby Stephen getting his home-made go-kart?

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