An Explanation and The Porch

An explanation of Don't Say I Didn't Warn You....

First of all, Stephen did not actually burn anything in the microwave. He once overheated a bottle, but thankfully realized it before scalding the baby's throat.

Really it was his questions about microwaving that alerted me to not let him heat anything without instructions or supervision.

For example....he'd ask, "How long do I warm this up, 5 minutes?" (referring to leftover chicken Parmesan)

5 minutes is 4 minutes and 30 seconds too long for most anything in the microwave.

The picture of him with the fire was taken a couple years ago when he was doing some controlled forestry burning in Georgia. It has always cracked me up and it fits with the microwave story/warning.

And while I'm on the subject of Stephen Grande, I must brag on his handiness and share a sneak peak of the screened-in porch he built on the back of our house. He just finished putting all the screens up last night.

more pictures to come soon...in color


Lynn Beck said...

This is absolutely amazing!! I'm so impressed. You know who would also be impressed -- Big George. He was completely into planning and building. None of this three children really inherited that impulse, but you -- by marrying Stephen -- are keeping the tradition going!!

Hope there's not too much rain with the tropical storms.

leslie. said...

The porch looks awesome! Can't wait to see some more pictures...Stephen is so handy!

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