Don't Say I Didn't Warn You


Even though he's a mechanical brain, his lack of experience with the microwave machine has left him downright dangerous.

Seriously, he'll burn your house down.

In his defense...we just got a microwave after 3 years of marriage and he did not grow up using one.


Lynn Beck said...

SB -- Stephen (and you ) have my sympathy. The first time I babysat (for a former) teacher. I almost started a fire by melting the bottle warmer into her stove. (I didn't know you just ran warm into it and heated the bottle that way.)

I was crying more than the baby as I called Chuck and George (away from a dinner party) to come and hep me --- which, of course, they did.

Love you.

leslie. said...

hahahahaha, I can't think of anything to say because I'm still laughing at Stephen in the picture, haha!

The Brannens said...

Did your house burn down??????? Surely not? Please explain...

Jere said...

Was this after someone hit "reply all" to an e-mail with no message?! In all fairness, he did warn them.
In Him,

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