New Morning Routine

Before I get to talking about our morning routine...take a look at this.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever done seen?
Ok, now that I've made your day, on to the subject at hand. I love my morning routine however shallow it might be. Wake up, make coffee, watch Fox and Friends, read blogs, check bank account online, etc.

This was all fine and dandy when Stephen was 2 weeks old, but now he's almost 4 months and aware of the world...smiling, laughing, playing. You can look at his face and just see all the learning that's going on inside.

So, in an attempt to be a good mother fueled by my desire for him to grow up and be a decent human being, I have incorporated play time and reading into our morning activities.

This is our first book...The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones & Illustrated by Jago.
It was a gift from Bobbi and G (my in-laws and Stephen's grandparents).
The book is a collection Bible stories, written in a way children can understand that God's story is all about Jesus.

These below are just a few of my favorites. Really all the stories are my favorite because they are so beautifully written and illustrated.


Noah's Arc

The birth of Jesus

The prodigal son

Jesus feeding 5000


I really liked this bird and wanted to include him. He's perched in the tree with Zacchaeus.

Jesus on the Cross

The three women at the tomb

and SO many more...I really couldn't narrow down which pictures to put in here.
It is never too early to read to your children...

Or to tell them about Jesus!


traveledroad said...

First, you got Stephen a play mat with a Mr. Snuffles! (just a suggestion, you know how I like naming YOUR child's animals). Second, I have heard the best things about that book. I'm going to need to buy it. Third, I was contemplating doing a post on OUR morning routine AND books. Stop it, we are too n*sync (that's for aunt lulu). Lastly, I am a long winded commenter.

traveledroad said...

no, wait. that's hoppy days. J's hoppy days does not have a Mr. Snuffles.

leslie. said...

So cute to name your child's toy animals. Now if I do it I'll be copying....

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