Why I Love Blogs

Several years ago, when I was still in high school, we had some close family friends move to another city far far away. We cried and cried. We knew we would keep in touch with them, but that it just wouldn't be the same. My dad (Doc) was the one who put words to this observation. He said something like...Proximity is so important. It is the people you see and interact with everyday that you really know and care about.

I have found this to be so true in my own life. The people that you are side by side with are the ones that tend to be the most cherished relationships.

And this brings me to why I love blogs...

I think blogs bridge some of the gap that is created by distance. Blogs take us into each others homes, kitchens, and thoughts however silly they might be.

Blogs are a way of connecting that is creative and fun. It is like having a good conversation. And a scrapbook.

I must admit when I first heard of blogging...I thought "what ME monsters." How self-centered is someone to write about themselves all the time. Who cares.

I confess that I was a total hypocrite. Because now I can't get enough of this crazy blog world.

Besides, if I didn't have a blog, what would I do with these too dark black and white, fussy pictures of Stephen?


Barefoot Belle said...

I completely agree. What great pictures, too!

leslie. said...

Me too! Proximity is so important (your dad is wise) and even though we are like 9 silly states away I do feel *slightly* closer as you document your lives. Thanks for keeping me informed! And love the pictures of baby Stephen...poor little guy...he was probably a little embarrassed that you were taking pics as he was fussing, haha!

Lynn Beck said...

I absolutely love these pictures of Stephen. Of course, I love black and white pictures anyway!!

And, as you know, I'm always so happy to open up "spoonful" and find a new blog, so keep it up!!

Joy said...

SB, I loved this. Great pictures, too!

abbiegrace said...

great points!

I love your blog, btw!


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