You should have seen the look of delight on Stephen grande's face when I told him I bought Drumsticks. Worth every penny of the $6.99 + tax I paid for them.

If you have not had one of these in a while, might I suggest you try one.

In my memory, they we not very good.

I believe Nestle has made some improvements.

Or maybe our taste buds have matured.

I have a friend that once said something along the lines of " Boys under age 25 don't like desserts with nuts on or in them." At first, I gave her a hard time about making such a statement....unfounded on hard facts.

But now I think she's right.

Stephen is 28. So that might explain why he likes them so much.

I had some trouble getting good pictures for this post....

The camera in one hand...drumstick in the other.

I looked like a crazy person...

got lots of pictures like this...


Anonymous said...

this made my day... I knew I was onto something, never heard of Stephen eating drumsticks when he was 24.

Lynn Beck said...

I like the new "moniker" -- Stephen Grande. It sounds kind of royal.

Love you.

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