Thoughts on Things that Grow: Zinnias and Babies

I love little packets of seeds. They hold so much hope and promise of the plant that is to come.

These are some I have left over from last year.

My mom suggested I go ahead and plant them since it stays so hot through early fall. She planted some last year about this time. They grew and lasted until October. Worth a try, right?

While I was planting them yesterday afternoon, I was thinking how it absolutely AMAZES me that big beautiful flowers grow from the tiniest seeds. Every time I plant a seed, I doubt that it will grow into anything. I think...There is NO WAY this teensy tiny seed will grow. And yet it grows.

This is my Zinnia garden from last summer.

I took so much delight in it. I would go out there 3-4 times a day just to admire all the different colors.

I love the whole process of planting a seed and watching it grow. It really is AMAZING.

You know what else is amazing...


I can not believe this boy started out like a tiny zinnia seed. When I was pregnant I could not imagine the day he would actually be here. And now he is here and growing and kicking his right leg like you see in the picture.

He's the best.

I love him a whole lot more than little packets of zinnia seeds. What a gift!


Lynn Beck said...

What a great picture of a happy baby!!

And your garden from last year was wonderful.

Love to everyone.

leslie. said...

So sweet SB! Your little guy is pretty adorable :)

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