Save Money, Live Better (unpleasent, but necessary)

While my mom was here for a visit, I got to spend a morning "out on the town." In other words, I got to go to the Y and Wal-mart without a restless child in tow! It was great.

Now as for Wal-mart, I haven't been a regular shopper there in years. I'm talking a decade or so. However, recently I have gotten reacquainted with its extreme cheapness and I'm totally hooked. Here's just one example. We eat a box of graham crackers a week which are $3.99 at Publix and only $1.28 for the just as good Great Value brand. Hello, no brainier, I'm going to Wal-mart. It is unfortunate for someone like me who a) is not much of a bargain shopper and b) hates Wal-mart. But it is necessary and WORTH IT and I just have to embrace it. My strategy is to go once a month and stock up on all our staples. That I think I can do.

The convenience of buying other non-food items while I'm there is also appealing to me in this stage of my life. Yesterday, I replaced my entire "workout" wardrobe. I've been eying these goods for weeks. I think there comes a point in every grown woman's life when you realize you shouldn't wear t-shirts everyday. My exercise clothes are literally my uniform, and the old sorority t-shirts and too small Old Navy shorts just weren't cuttin' it anymore. So I loaded up on some slightly more sophisticated attire. The shorts were $7 a piece and the shirts $5. That's all new uniforms for less than $40. Not too shabby!

I even slept in one of my new uniforms last night.

And I'm still wearing it now.

That's too much information.

Sorry y'all.

I hope you all have a great weekend and might I suggest that if you are a Wal-mart snob (like I once was) then you best get over it. Save money, live better. That will happen, assuming you don't have a nervous breakdown while shopping.


Whitney Lee said...

After your Publix post, I was afraid to tell you that I shop at Wal-Mart. I go atleast twice a week. I go early in the morning; it's better that way.

The Reeds said...

I found your blog through Laura McFee's blog, and I check in from time to time. You have a super cute little boy, and I wish I had a little of your craftiness:) (Is that even a word?)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who shops at Wal-Mart. It started as a "punishment" for me, because I told myself I would not shop at Publix until I learned how to coupon. It drove me crazy to see all these people saving at Publix, while I spent so much money! After months of "punishment," I just adjusted to Wal-Mart. We go early on Saturday mornings, and I'm actually starting to like it. I'm going to check for those shorts next time:)

Lynn Beck said...

SB-- I'm with you on not liking Wal-Mart. (I don't even know where the Stockton Wal-Mart is!). I think your once-a-month strategy is a pretty good one, though!! Enjoy having Laurie there.

Nell said...

Ugh. Wal-Mart. There is not one nearby so I'm a Target shopper, which is rather dangerous since I can always find something else I "need" besides what's on my list! Love your new "uniforms"...Bring 'em up here for a nice, long, BH-style walk June 4!

Lindsay said...

Cute! Love the shorts! We buy pretty much everything generic, I think that's why I don't believe in coupons. Be sure to bring your walking uniform in June!

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