Planters, an Easy Gardening Project

I enjoy gardening, but have way too little time to really get into it. Every spring I try a new plant or flower.

For the longest I've wanted to put two planters outside my front door, an idea inspired by James Farmer. This week I bit the bullet and got the job done. I had so much fun doing it and it is a great little project for a beginner like me!

Needed supplies:

good dirt

I chose two inexpensive small terra cotta pots.

And bought some good dirt. I think this is important, only the best.

My front door faces east. Knowing the plants would only get morning sun I chose Impatiens (that actually prefer shade) and Coleus (which is the awesomest, heartiest plant I know).

Farmer approved and said yes these 2 plants can be put in the same planter!
Oh joy of joys. Seriously, I loved this project.

Here's a closer look at the plants I bought.

Impatiens, which are just lovely.

Magilla Perilla, which is not technically Coleus, but is in the same family and found in the Coleus section at Lowes. That purple is rockin.'

Coleus is the green plant and there are many varieties of it.

Thank goodness I had my little helper because I could not have done this without him.

Here's the finished product. Viola!

Here they are from the back side.

Turn and let me see that Magilla Perilla.

Okay, finally put in there place. And don't over look that cutie peeking through the door.

Happy planting!


Lynn Beck said...

Looks great!

Susie said...

Wife, mom, seamstress, gardener, blogger, cook, daughter, and I know I've missed some. Whew girl. Good job!

Whitney Lee said...

Inspiring! I bought some herb labels this weekend wanting to start off small.

LOVE the pic of sweet baby laughing through the window. It's like Where's Waldo.

mollie said...

beautiful plants! im going to get some today to plant on my porch. lovely!

mary straton said...

I'm so impressed! gardening is so intimidating to me!

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