Everyone Needs One (In Case of Fire)

This is my filing box.

It saves me a lot of stress. Despite how disorganized I might be at times, my valuable documents are always in order. I put this box together when I became a grown-up and had to do things like pay taxes and buy my my own car insurance....YUCK. I even gave one of these to my sister for a little wedding "happy." I filled it with all kinds of fun folders labeled tax write-offs, life insurance, utilities.

If you don't already have a system, then I hope this inspires you. Seriously, you need a system. The box is nice because in case of fire, you can grab it get the heck out of harm's way. All valuable documents still intact.

I file things in alphabetical order.

And every January I re-evaluate. Throw things out, etc.

Just this morning, Captain Steve asked me for a copy of Stephen Small's social security card.

I walked right to it...filed under IDENTIFICATION along with the pass ports and birth certificates. No stress. No worries. No searching.

Happy filing!


Jessica Govan said...

What you really need is a fire proof filing box. :) My parents have one just like that but in case of the fire you can grad stephan small and run instead of trying to grab files too. We need one REALLY bad!

Lynn Beck said...

You are too smart. It took me years to figure out things that you figured out "when you became a grown up." I'm impressed.

Mishka said...

I call it my "Burn Box"

Lindsay said...

M has a VERY detailed filing system- as you can imagine. AND a safe deposit box with originals and more copies. I would have it all in various shoe boxes. I'm not really allowed to touch the filing system. We're a good team. :-D

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