Hello all! Happy Thursday. The weekend is coming and I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I have a few housekeeping things to mention...

1. I revised the post 2 ways to enlarge pictures on your blogger blog. I heard from a few people that you couldn't see it, so I fixed it (I think). Can you see it now?

2. I'm in the process of moving recipes over to the food blog therefore I removed them from the side bar.

3. Thank you for all the positive feedback about the food blog. I love hearing what you all are cooking! Also, if you have good, easy dinner ideas, I would love to try them. E-mail me at sbspooner@gmail.com.


Time for me do to some real housekeeping.

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Lynn Beck said...

Hooray -- another blog entry. By the way... I'm dying to hear the story of Lars, the Swedish Masseuse, and the case of the missing baby pants!!

Happy B'day this weekend, and have fun at Whitney's weddings.

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