life is not fair, i can't have everything i want

Doc (my daddy), pictured with his grandson Stephen Small and his grand niece, Mollie. Telling the story of Lars, the Swedish masseuse, and the case of the missing baby pants.
(This was one of those "you had to be there" stories.)

Growing up my father repeated these words to me over and over and over....

and over.

and over again.

Life is not fair; I can't have everything I want.

What really tortured me was that he would break the sentence down, making me repeat the words one at a time after him.

Life. Life. Is. Is. Not. Not. Fair. Fair. I. I. Can't. Can't. Have. Have. Everything. Everything. I. I. Want. Want.

Aaaahhhhh.....It was enough to make a 4 year old go mad. Especially since it seemed like I had to go through this process on a daily basis. But those words stick with me to this day.

When I hear on the news...HEALTH INSURANCE FOR ALL AMERICANS. I think, "Life is not fair, I can't have everything I want."

I'm fearful to think of where the distributing of all the "fairness" will stop. Must we all have health insurance? Must we all have a college degree? Must we all own a home? Must we all have a cell phone? Must we all have a pony at our 3rd birthday party and sleep on 600 thread count sheets every night?!

The last time I checked those things were privileges....luxuries, not rights.

I hope to teach my children that life is not fair, they can't have everything they want, & that anything they have is given by the hand of a gracious and loving God, not their government.


mary straton said...

i could not agree more. thank you for your honesty.

Angie said...

Wow! Such wonderful words to live by. Love your blog!

Whitney Lee said...


Lindsay said...

Sweet picture!

I cannot think about it. I get too fired up at too many things. My mantra has to be, "Thank GOD He is in control, and not Washington."

John G. Archer said...

Must we have all these things? That is a hard question. Can we have all these things? That answer is simple. Yes. And the way we do that is by unleashing the power of the individual and the drive within each person to satisfy the wants and needs in their lives. Whether or not that is healthcare, college education, bubble gum, lottery tickets, or boat propellers, it doesn't matter.

Prosperity can not be dictated or mandated by the government. In fact, every time a state has attempted such a lofty and noble quest, the end result is destruction: of lives, liberty, and property.

What we must realize then is that the only possible way for us to maximize the utility in our on lives, to satisfy the needs and desires within ourselves, is to be free to act, unimpeded, in achieving them. Government is the great interferer. Everyone who advocates large government programs makes very superficial, emotional arguments about justice or fairness. But no statist ever bothers to examine the results of their actions, only their intentions. Equality in results is not equality at all.

Life is not fair. We cannot have everything we want. That is because of the nature of scarcity. It is as inescapable as gravity. And just as the laws of physics dictate our lives in this physical world, so to do the laws of economics dictate the choices we make and the actions we take, and the resources we have available as a society. History has shown that when people are loosed from the chains and burdens imposed upon them by others, prosperity for all is realized within and because of the self-interest and self-reliance of the free individual.

If we, personally, cannot have everything we want, why then do some expect that government can give it to them?

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Not sure how I discovered your blog, but I'm glad I did...I've spent the morning reading back and enjoying your lovely pictures. When I saw this, then I knew we would so be BFFs in real life! :)

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