2 ways to enlarge pictures on your blogger blog


Some of you folks have asked me how to make your blog pictures bigger! Who can blame us all for wanting such a thing? Bigger is better, right?

Fortunately, I spent an unhealthy amount of time figuring this all out last summer.

First and very important, you NEED to change your template. I repeat, you need to change your template. Remember back when you started your blog and you had to choose a template (which is basically your blog design). Well, for best results with BIG PICTURES change your template to MINIMA STRETCH.

*The reason for doing this is so your blog "space" has enough room for the bigger picture and it won't cut off 1/3 of the photo.

Now I will share 2 ways to enlarge photos.

WAY 1- changing your global settings to updated editor.

1-go to settings tab
2-scroll to the bottom
3-see under Global Settings the option to change to updated editor
4-change and save settings

In this setting after you upload your photo, drag your mouse over the picture and it gives you the option of Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Choose X-Large.

*(things will look a little different than they do on the old editor setting)

That's it. Simple as pie.

WAY 2- Editing your html code. This is the way I'm used to an actually prefer.

1-upload your photo.
2-click tab that says Edit Html. You will see all sorts of mumbo jumbo letters, signs, and numbers. this is computer code for the image (whatever that means).
3-See numbers below highlighted in RED. You will increase these numbers by 60% to make your image larger.


400 X 0.60 =240, now add 240 + 400 = 640

267 X 0.60 = 160.20, now ad 267 + 160.20 = 427.20

Once you've calculated what 60% is for your photo (image size varies from camera to camera), then change your numbers.

If you want to make your images EVEN BIGGER than 60%, then double the numbers on your html code, but that's about as big as you can get them.

The result is this...
fun, right?!

*There are a hundred tutorials out there on this topic. But because I get asked these questions so frequently, I decided to do one of my own. Please feel free to e-mail me for questions because sometimes even I get confused by my tutorials!


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I have to say... Stephen S is TOO cute for words. I love his intensity as he "drives."

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