friday, weekend travels, & outside play

Good Friday evening everyone! Boy do I love a Friday. It holds the full potential of the weekend ahead. I especially love Fridays like this when my kitchen counters are clean and my bags are soon to be packed for an incredible weekend in Hot-lanta, Georgia with my good looking husband.

We are going to celebrate a dear friend's wedding and Bobbi (SG's mom) so kindly volunteered to keep our sweet boy overnight for the first time away from us. Can you blame her for jumping at the opportunity?! Friends have asked me if I will be sad to leave him overnight. My answer is a little, but I'm ready. This mama needs a night on the town with her old college roommates and of course my main man, S.G. The wedding will be a fantastic time of reunion and celebration. And I'm fortunate enough that it just so happens to fall on my golden birthday.

I will be 27 on the 27th (tomorrow).

That's what those GORGEOUS yellow roses are for. My parents sent them to me early this week. And my oh my how I have enjoyed them. I've admired every day all day, toting them to every room except the bathroom. I like them to be in the room I'm spending the most time in that day. It only makes sense.

We also enjoyed spending some time in the great outdoors this week. My little boy officially LOVES dirt. So much so that he likes to put handfuls in his mouth. Oh well, here's to building up his immunity.

There are so many benefits to being outside. Exercise, vitamin D; it's invigorating. The real bonus is Stephen Small sleeps so much better when we've had lots of outside play. I look forward to many more outside days. It's just so fun it has to be good for us.

Like everyone else, we were grateful to see some SUNSHINE!

And are really hoping that it sticks around.

Especially for our weekend travels and my friend's wedding.

I'll be back with a full report of our trip and the homemade meat lover's pizza I'm about to concoct.

So much for my clean counters.


Lynn Beck said...

He is too darling in his short overalls! Have a great trip.

Whitney Lee said...

Love clean countertops too! I need to get my house in order b/c we're going to hotlanta too! I can't wait to see yall.
PS. Love little bitty hands in dirt. That is so precious to me!

Susie said...

Hoping you had the best birthday ever! More cute photos of CUTE SS. Can't wait to see your post about Atlanta.

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