the city

We made it back from the big city of Atlanta in one piece! And we had a FAN-TASTIC time.

Naturally the weekend began and ended with COFFEE! I had some Starbuck's coupons which made it free - so even better! We picked up 2 tall regulars on our way out of town.

Once on the road and sufficiently caffeinated, our first stop was to drop Stephen Small off at Bobbi & G's (my wonderful in-laws who volunteered to keep our precious little guy). No tears were shed (by anyone), and I only had one brief moment of panic about leaving him overnight. It occurred when we got into the insane Atlanta traffic that the thought rushed to my mind, "What if we die in a car accident and leave Stephen Small parent-less!?" I actually contemplated calling my sister and asking if she would raise him. But then I thought how troubling that might be, so I refrained. Praise the Lord we had safe travels.

The first thing we did upon arrival was go to lunch. Stephen Grande took me to a fabulous place recommended by his sister, a resident city dweller. The food and atmosphere were perfect for celebrating my golden birthday (27 on the 27th)! Grande ordered shrimp and grits and I got an amazing grilled chicken sandwich with wilted lemon arugula and warm goat cheese...YUM YUM. As we were walking into the restaurant I told S.G. ..."this feels so special I feel like you are going to propose or something." He said no..."I'm just going to tell you we're having another baby." He makes me laugh.

Really, it was so special and something we never do, go out for a nice lunch.

Following lunch we had a fun visit with S.G.'s sister and her family. Then we later met up with his grandmother for ice cream. We rarely see these family members by themselves, so it was great to have some quality time.

We then went on to our hotel room to get ready for my friend's wedding (the reason for the trip). I really had to scurry because time flies when you are having fun (and when you lose an hour to the Eastern time zone.)

While getting dressed I ran into somewhat of a fashion crisis. I had failed to pack any jewelry. I guess I had been so concerned with what dress I would wear that once I had that taken care of, I put accessories out of my mind.

My main issue was I didn't have earrings and I really felt that I needed some to make my outfit complete (because I just knew everyone would be looking AT ME, thinking, where are her earrings?)

THANK GOODNESS, we were double dating with dear friends Andrew and his wife Whitney, who happens to own a jewelry buisness. I called her to see if she had and a pair (of earrings) to spare. And of all times...she didn't. Then she did something she TOTALLY did not have to do, but did out of the kindness of her heart and I am forever grateful.

She (and Andrew) went and bought me some earrings (THREE CHOICES!) and brought them to me when we met at the wedding. There was a little shop close to their hotel. Seriously, Whitney you saved the day (and my reputation).

These are the ones I chose. I got several complements on them. They made me feel so hip and sassy. Whitney, I owe you BIG.

This picture below was after the wedding. Andrew and Whitney came back to our hotel to hang out for a little while. Of course we stayed up way too late, but had too much fun talking about the grand ol times we have had and the ones that are to come. Thanks to the men, we have most of this time on video (WHICH IS NEVER TO BE SEEN BY ANY HUMAN BEING, EVER. I hate seeing myself on camera.).

The wedding itself was a blast, the ceremony-beautiful, bride and groom- so happy and handsome. The reception-phenomenal. We ate, we drank, we danced, we talked, we partied like it was 1999.

We wish our friends the very very very best life and marriage!

Eventually, all the city fun came to a close and we made our way back to pick up our precious babe. It was so good to see the hunk of burnin' love again, snotty nose and all.

We spent the afternoon at Bobbi and G's, celebrating mine, Stephen Grande's, and my sister-in-law's 15 birthday. And after some seriously good cake and ice cream, we made our way home...

back to this...

and this...

And I've been cookin', cleanin', and worshin' every since.

Oh how I look forward to a return trip to the city!


Whitney Lee said...

Love it. You don't owe me a thing!

Did you find the photo booth picture in your son's new book?

Lindsay said...

LOVED seeing y'all!

The picture of the 4 of y'all is fantastic. Maybe next time around we can party later than 11...

Those earrings did look fabulous- nice job, Whitney.

Happy 27, SB!

Lynn Beck said...

Loved seeing all of the photos! Glad you had a great time.

Allison said...

That boat-S.G. has his work cut out for him.

Nell said...

Great re-cap of a great weekend! Your earrings and dress were fabulous. That reception was like a BH kitchen party...times 1,000,000. Fun seeing you!!

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