Hey! Very little creativity flowing around here, hence the post title "hey." That's all I got. If you are looking for something creative might I suggest you check out my friend James Farmer's blog post today. He's got some great tips on party planning and entertaining in general.

We are busy at my house this week. Christmas is 9 days away! Lots left to do...gift wrapping, parties, mailing Christmas cards. All fun stuff...nothing to stress over.

The only stress we are experiencing is cutting our first tooth! Stephen Small is working hard on it...even waking up several times a night to remind us that it's coming. He's been a trooper though.

Does anyone else see a hint of his daddy's crooked smile in this photo?
In other events...Tator and Lovie are here for a visit! I welcomed them last night with a very fragrant house. I broke a bottle of perfume (that I haven't worn in years). And whew! It's strong.

Seems like I've had a series of mishaps lately. The most embarrassing being I accidentally sent a pair of my underwear to the church nursery. It was stuck to a spare outfit of Stephen Small's (that I had put in diaper bag). I always send an extra set of clothes. I didn't realize it until I got home and was unpacking his diaper bag later that afternoon. All the normal items were there...diapers, wipes, spare clothes...along with a pair of my underwear. Clean I might add. The nursery workers didn't say anything to me. So I'm hoping no one saw it...he he.

And on that note...Happy Wednesday!

Be back soon...


Whitney Lee said...

I just laughed out loud! Andrew says, now THAT is funny! Love it.

Whitney Lee said...

Also, I wanna meet Tator!

traveledroad said...


Have fun with Tator and Lovie!

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