Lovie's Here

My mom, Lovie, is here for a few days.

We see a lot more of her now that Stephen Small is around.

Fortunately for us she always comes bearing good wine. This time she brought a bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet 2005 called Segway. I highly recommend it. I'm usually a $10/bottle kind of girl. This one is around $20 and worth every penny. Try some if you feel like splurging.

Lovie also comes bearing good books. This one is next up on my reading list...My Life in France by Julia Child. I havn't seen Julie and Julia so this book will tide me over until the movie is released. Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think?

Wine and books are nice, but I must say the best gift Lovie has given this trip is the gift of SLEEP (for me). I think last night was my longest night's sleep since Stephen Small was born. Lovie took care of the 4 o'clock waking and feeding (yes he started waking up every morning at 4. He goes back to sleep, but still. No one should be awake at 4 for any reason). Must be a 6 month growth spurt. It is nice to feel rested. Hope this post finds you feeling rested too.

Sleep is precious.


Lynn Beck said...

Glad Laurie is there. She and Stephen both look great. Have fun with her and enjoy the sleep.

BubblesandMoney said...

Mother's are wonderful! So glad she can take of you too.

Whitney Lee said...

I really NEED my mother; even when I don't have a child of my own yet! I've been wanting to see Julie and Julia, and I'm guessing Andrew won't go with me. I would love to see it with you one day, SB!

Anonymous said...

How sweet... enjoy the sleep!

leslie the young mother said...

what a treat!

Ashley said...

SB, it was fun to "find" your blog again! I loved, loved, loved your eulogy to Kathy. Made me laugh and cry in the same 30 seconds. I miss your spunky, little self!
-Ashley Abide

Jill said...

Hi to Laurie...My Life in France is a fun read. Let's talk about it when you're done.

Anonymous said...

I saw Julie and Julia and wish I'd read the book first. Great movie! Warning...you won't want to do ANYTHING but cook and eat which might work out if Stephen Large will take care of Stephen Small while you go mad in the kitchen!

abbiegrace said...

Is that your sweet momma's grandmother name--Lovie???? I LOVE that name. Perfect for her!

I'm so glad you had a great time together.

Yes, sleep is the best gift to give a new mommy. :-)

abbiegrace said...

I have another comment: I loved seeing your mom's pic here. When I see her I think about (1) mint tea and (2) spice muffins with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.


John Montfort said...

That Segway is good... I bet I know where she got it... Chillie's... They push that wine on every customer through the door these days... Hope all is well

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