Italian Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes the best recipes transpire from leftovers and ingredients you already have in your kitchen. That is how this morning's Italian breakfast sandwich was born at our house.

Lovie bought some pancetta while she was here and left some for us. And I happened to have English muffins, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, Italian flat leaf parsley, and eggs.

As I thought about making our usual fried egg on Saturday...I thought "Why not make it with an Italian twist?" And after that thought ran through my mind I thought..."Wow, I sound like Ina Garten from the Barefoot Contessa." She is my favorite TV food star. So you can imagine that for a moment I felt very proud of myself.

Italian Breakfast Sandwich

Here are the components:

toasted English muffin with butter
fried egg
several shards of Parmesan cheese
cooked pancetta (I bake it in the oven with tin foil on a cookie sheet for easy clean up)
thin slice of tomato
a little chopped Italian flat leaf parsley


Happy Saturday


Nell said...

I'm going to start calling you Ina Barry. It has a nice ring. This looks delicious!!

Lynn Beck said...

I agree with Nell. Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, Rachel Ray.... and everybody else had better get out of the way. I am amazed and impressed.

Suegma said...

I want some of that and I want it now!!! The wine recommendation is great too...thanks SB and Lovie! Hi Stephen Small...you are sooo cute even if you do wake up at 4!!

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