Not Sew Much

First of all, hello! Good to be back. I had a nice blog vacation and I am now rejuvenated. Let's catch up!

A few weeks ago I bought this... a brand new 2009 model Janome sewing machine.

Over the course of the past few months I have had a growing desire to learn to sew. It was spawned by my frustration with finding cute little boys clothes. Often I would complement a child's outfit and their mother would reply..."Oh my mom, aunt, cousin, grandmother, etc. made it." And so I began a quest to become the craftiest sewing mama on the block. I day dreamed about whipping out little rompers with appliqued animals on the front. I pictured myself buying all kinds of vintage fabrics, maybe selling some stuff on Etsy.

My only problem...I don't know how to sew.

So my cousin, Bibba (a Jane of all trades) took a break from her lawyering and graciously offered to come give me a lesson in sewing 101. Oh how I looked forward to this day when she would give me all her sewing knowledge through brain to brain osmosis! We began the day with enthusiasm and our plan was to make a simple A-line skirt for me...clean lines, a couple of darts, a zipper...nothing fancy. The project was going well until we realized we needed another yard of fabric because apparently I wear 4 X my normal clothing size in the sewing world. Bibba kindly offered to make the trek over to Hancock while I stayed home with Stephen Small.

Stephen Small is threading the bobbin. Seriously his hand is on the pedal.

When she got home we resumed the project but were soon distracted by a number of things, people, and a crawling baby that wouldn't take a nap. Also, it didn't help our focus that Santa Claus delivered my new gas range stove just as I had mastered sewing a dart. (Thanks Santa)

Anyway, we never really got back on track after the stove came.

And I'm afraid Bibba ended up finishing the project. She is very talented.

Thanks Bibs! I learned a lot about sewing, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed your company a whole lot more than the sewing part.

We both agreed that I better stick to simple stuff...pillow cases, burp clothes, Christmas stockings. Maybe one day my dreams for my own little boys clothing line will come true. But for now, not "sew" much. Pun intended.

Keep it simple folks.

Happy Tuesday!


traveledroad said...

Good for you even attempting! All that simple stuff still sounds difficult to me. Looks like a cute skirt! What I really love is your new stove, Santa must of had a good tip.

Lynn Beck said...

Love the blog!!!

I attempted sewing once at the Singer Sewing Machine Store. I was such a disaster that the teacher ended up making my dress. Then... it won a contest for the best sewn dress (no surprise since it was competing with dresses made by real students) !!

You look great trying regardless of the outcome, and Bibba looks wonderful actually "doing" it. And I agree with Lindsey. The stove is absolutely wonderful.

A Lee Inc said...

clever title on this one...you're good. :) haha.

leslie the young mother said...

what fun!!! the skirt looks super cute, and I'm sure you'll get your little boys' clothing line eventually :)

Jill said...

My Life in France is a fun read. The movie is not worth more than the rental fee.
Hi to Laurie-
I promise I won't needle you about your sewing...

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