Big News

I bought a to-go mug! After years of pouring over the decision whether or not to buy one, I finally caved. I actually bought it during my bout with poison ivy...so I probably wasn't thinking straight. I didn't even look at the price tag.

You may wonder why this is a big deal or even a deal at all. Well, you see, to-go mugs are quick to disappear, or be left somewhere, or break in the dishwasher, or be taken by your spouse and buried in their car until the end times.

There is no sense in owning one. It is like throwing money in the trash. My former to-go mugs have only been in my care for 32.4 seconds at a time.

Nevertheless, I splurged. And I am the proud owner of a Kermit the frog green to-go mug. Saturday I took it Christmas shopping and sipped on some delicious spiced tea that my mom made.

I even let Stephen Grande take it to work one day. He of course, left it at his office. I had to confront him about it. He then brought it home with a bunch of other mugs that I had totally forgotten existed. It was a sweet reunion.

Purchasing a to-go mug is not a decision that is to be taken lightly.

-I'm pretty sure that's an old Chinese proverb

Happy Monday


abbiegrace said...

I love the big bold sentence..."There is no sense in owning one." ha! This post made me laugh. I like your frugality & totally relate. Like your BOGO post. I loved that one. :-)

Lynn Beck said...

The thing to watch out for is all of the "stuff" that can grow in coffee that is left it "to go" mugs that end up in cars and offices! Finding an old mug with dregs of coffee and other surprises is either really gross or an amazing science experiment!!

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

It's beeeutiful SB. It is a big deal! Fun blog. Love your Christmassy header. Love and Merry Christmas to you and your fam!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, this made me giggle. I have actually had the same to-go mug for over 3 years. M recently took it over, but he takes even better care than I did. AND, I recently returned a to-go mug to Nell that I borrowed in college. Your mugs are safe with me.

Anonymous said...

We recently saw one at the 100 Yen store (Dollar store) for $4. Despite my husband's warnings that we should either get a good one or nothing at all, I bought it. The next day I used it only to discover it leaked just enough to make it useless. If it isn't a proverb it certainly should be!

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