The New Me (not itching)

Well hello, I'm back. I had an unintentional blog break for a few days due to a horrible, and I mean seriously HORRIBLE, case of Poison Ivy. I'm talking debilitating, itching, burning rash that left me curled up on the couch for 2 full days. But I'm happy to say I'm over it, and I am literally a new woman! Have you ever felt so miserable that you thought "if I could just get past this, then I will never be the same."? Well, that's me...not the same. I'm just so grateful to feel somewhat normal again. SO grateful.

Stephen Grande is glad too. He basically waited on me hand and foot through the whole ordeal, took care of the baby, made the meals, when to CVS 3 times for various antihistamines and supplies. Amazingly, Stephen Small came out of this unaffected (except for being slightly neglected by his mother for a few days).

I know I'm sounding dramatic, but it was real...and very bad. Ask Grande.

On a more pleasant note, I caught up on some movie watching throughout the whole ordeal. 5 total, one of which was Twilight. And wow, weird. I can't believe that series is such a phenomenon. But I must admit, I'm kind of hooked and I most definitely will be renting New Moon when it comes out in video.

I'll be back soon.

Keeping it real.


the new and OH so grateful to not be itching me


SusanSCarothers said...

Glad you liked Twilight. Welcome to the club! :)

Lynn Beck said...

I am SO sorry about the poison ivy. I've had that kind of case! It's awful. I got mine in the winter too. I was making wreaths out of "grape vines" and it turned out the weren't grape vines after all!!

I'm glad you're better!

leslie the young mother said...

your poor skin! glad you're feeling so much better.... and also glad Stephen small didn't get any of the poison!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your itching! Miserable. Glad you are on the mend. Ok, you REALLY need to read the books to do the series justice. And, New Moon (the movie) was much better.

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