Ten Topics on a cold Friday Afternoon



Pick up pants from the alterations place...check

I've done everything on my to do list. And it's Friday. So I'm going to sit here on this cold, late afternoon and blog until my heart's content.

Bear with me as I have a variety of topics on my mind. I will cut myself off at a list of ten... because I have a life to live...and dinner to cook! And a boy to raise!

Topic One....I've been blogging for over a year! Thought you might like to re-visit (or visit for the first time) a couple of old posts in light of this fact. If you weren't around last year when this whole thing started may I recommend you check out killer cocoa revised.

*I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time. I can't believe I shared that picture of me thinking I had a baby bump. I look more pregnant now than I did then...ha!

And clementines! My favorite "holiday" citrus fruit.
Tis the season for both....Killer cocoa and Clementines are awesome!

Topic Two
...I love my husband!!!

While sorting through photos this morning, I found an old picture of us from one of my sorority formals in 2004. The scanned photo makes us look a little jaundiced, but I like it anyway...I thought I had lost this picture. Finding it reminded me of how long we have been together. Married for 3 1/2 years, known each other for 9 years, and have been a couple for 6 1/2 years.

I love him more and more each day!

He is so NICE, hard working, patient, and he never loses his temper...never. And he LOVES our little boy. I am beyond thankful.

Topic Three.....buying Christmas gifts for your spouse. While I'm on the subject of Stephen Grande, I thought I'd show you his Christmas list. It is half serious/half funny. Our policy for buying Christmas gifts for each other is to get one another exactly what we want...I tell him what I want; he tells me what he wants. NO surprises. I know that is so unromantic, but it works for us.

*Notice that he's calling himself Grande...

And yes THAT is his handwriting. Looks like the writing of a troubled child. The last one says...

8. permission to get a boat as long as the planets align and I can use Trojan funds to do it.

The Trojan is the huge piece of junk "yacht" he commandeered when buying a trailer for a friend's boat...it is a long and strange story, maybe one day I'll tell it....

And BTW, it's for sale!

You know you want it. We'll give you a great deal.

Topic Four
..... Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins! I know I did not invent this concept. Many of you have been making these for a long time. I made my first batch just last week. They were phenomenal! I used my pumpkin bread recipe, added a ton of chocolate chips, battered it up in muffin form, and baked on 350 for 20-25 minutes!

Topic Five...Japanese maples. We have one in our backyard. This is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago. Since then, most of the leaves have fallen off. These are my favorite types of trees. I love the striking red color they turn each fall.

When we bought our house last winter, I had no idea there was a Japanese Maple in the back yard (since it had no leaves on it at the time). When a friend pointed out to me what it was, you can imagine how delighted I felt. I thought...what a kind and gracious confirmation from God that this was the right house for us...our house...with a Japanese Maple! I really enjoyed it this year.

Topic Six
...Christmas cards. Thank you to all of you who have sent us a Christmas card. I love receiving, reading, and displaying them. I have not done ours yet. I still plan to. Debbie downer for you locals....I only send Christmas cards to out-of-towners. It is the only way I can stay sane and do a Christmas card. Out-of-towners only was my mom's philosophy for Christmas cards when we were growing up. I have adopted it as my own policy.

Topic Seven
...Watch your children. I caught little S about to put this rubber band in his mouth just an hour or so ago. It never ceases to amaze me how he finds small dangerous objects that are invisible to the adult eye.

And why does he love our broom so much?!!!! What's wrong with clean, safe toys?

Topic Eight
...I can't spell! Seriously, even with spell check I manage to misspell words on the blog all the time. My dad is usually the one to catch my error. A couple of days ago I received this text from him.

Believe not beleive. Series not seriers. I liked the blog. JBG

It is a common occurrence.

And my dad signs all of his texts with his initials.

Topic Nine
...Baby burritos. Pictured below is Stephen Small posing as baby burrito. He loves it. He doesn't budge for a whole walk once I wrap him up like this. It is how we have been traveling on the cold December days!

Topic Ten
...It's Friday! It's cold. No plans. Woo Hoo! Time to cook dinner... and raise my boy.

Have a great weekend!

More to come soon.


The Brannens said...

Stephen's handwriting still looks the way it did when we were in first grade!

Whitney Lee said...

Love it! Be expecting a Christmas card from us soon! Also, we have nothing to do this weekend, sooo I'm making a brunch featuring your Italian breakfast sandwich!!! Thinking about you today!

Joy said...

SB- This post is so funny. Loved it. You are the perfect match for Grande, by the way.
PS the stockings and the advent calendar came from Pottery Barn Kids.

Jennifer Trott said...

I loved this post!! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!!

Nell said...

Stephen's list had Joseph and me laughing out loud. He especially like the Old School reference, of course. Great post, SB! I love hearing what's on your mind! Time to make some killer cocoa...

Lynn Beck said...

Hey SB -- Love this post!! I'm glad you checked everything off your list so that you could indulge us.

And I love yoru spelling! YOu do a better job than the English language with some words (in my opinion!).

Love to everyoone!!

p.s. Small looks like he'll be walking soon!

Allison said...

SB-This is A.Bradsher,and I just wanted you to know that I read your blog and think it is so cute!

SusanSCarothers said...

Great post! Love the old pic of you and Stephen!

Anonymous said...

Loved this blog, SB.Do share with me how to display Christmas cards! AND, very ironic that I just emailed you M and mine's gift policy. Naturally they are quite similar. J loves brooms. I need to see more pictures of Small pulling up.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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