Why I Love Blogs II

A few months ago I posted about why I love blogs. Since then, I have thought of a million more reasons. This Friday morning (TGIF by the way), I will share a little more.

* Side note: First I just want to say two neat things happened to me this morning in blog world 1. a good friend sent me some incredible material that we are working on for yet another guest post and 2. someone in my family sent me their recently started blog. Both made my morning and it was the perfect way to enjoy my second cup of coffee while reading their material.

Okay...I'll get down to the meat and potatoes of this post....

I LOVE blogs because in blogs people write. They put there thoughts down on virtual paper (which in my case might not be such a good thing). In blogs people share their stories, the love for their family, advice, recipes, etc. It is so fun to keep in touch or even get to know a stranger in both images and words.

I never dreamed I would start a blog as much as I used to curse technology. (My college roommates can tell you about that. I seriously believed my Dell computer was possessed by a demon and that the Lord was trying me through technology. Come to find out, I was just very computer illiterate.) Anyway, how fun will it be for Stephen Small to go back and read the stuff that I wrote about during the first few months of his life, or what his grandfather, Doc, thought of healthcare in 2009, and about how Stephen Grande built an awesome porch?!

My blog is my scrapbook...my ongoing, up to date scrapbook!

Will I still be blogging when I'm eighty? I don't know.

But for now I'm having a blast typing out my thoughts and posting pictures of things we do.

This is Stephen Small's new favorite activity while I'm blogging. He sits at my feet and plays with cords which I have no idea what they go to. Never mind the plethora of toys I put out for him. I just can't get over how kids gravitate toward the one thing in the room you don't want them to mess with. Oh well.I guess that's human nature.

Happy Friday and keep bloggin.'


The Brannens said...

If I had to choose my favorite blog to read it would be yours-hands down!! I love it!

Lynn Beck said...

I'm so glad you blog because I can keep up to date with you, Stephen Grande, and Stephen Small.

And you are a terrific writer!

A Wrinkled Time said...

I agree totally! I love to blog to and keep up with old and new friends...not 80 yet, but am in 60's and still love it...never give up SB!!!

Mary Nease said...

I love your blog, SB!! Thanks for keeping it up, it's even better than fbook because you really get to know folks through their writing. Did you know there is a website to make your blog into a book at then end of the year (or whenever you want to chronicle it?) Very cool! Miss you guys!

Nell said...

SB, great post! I have been listening to David Gray lately...reminds me of Hollifield Hall and our walks to chapter from the BH. Happy Fall, and go blogs!

leslie the young mother said...

I love your blog and your stories! You're such a great story teller. Truth and lies alike, haha :) Go baby Stephen with the sitting and cord playing! What is it about boys and electronics....it starts so early.

Anonymous said...

Very much a prompt reply :)

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