The Beau of the Ball

I hope these photos find you laughing as they have given Stephen Grande and I much amusement. And forgive the low picture quality because I did not have my good camera with me. Not that we need to see this picture any more vividly. It looks like the image from a dream...a weird dream...a bad dream...a very weird and bizarre dream.

But it was not a dream and strangely enough this attire was perfectly acceptable in our little world this past Friday night.


Our town has a long standing tradition of numerous debutante balls and krewes. Basically these are several different groups of people that form clubs, pay membership dues, and host parades and balls.

This year Stephen Grande was invited to be a member of one of these groups which meant he got to 1) invite his very own guests to the ball and 2) wear this hysterical costume while parading around the country club with all the other "jesters."

The sequence of the night's events go like this...pre-party for the members, parade of jesters, presentation of the debutantes. And finally after all those shenanigans, the ball begins. Music, eating, drinking, merriment.

Silly, yes. Weird, yes. Bizarre, yes.


It's fun...a grand ol' time.

And nobody loves a good party more than Stephen Grande.

He was the beau of the ball. Well at least he was to me.

Never a dull moment with Grande.


Lynn Beck said...

I especially love the shot where you are kind of looking down on Stephen and the other jesters. They sort of look like grown men and sort of like large trick or treaters!!

Your mom always uses the word "hilarious" - pronounced with a really long first syllable. I think that word would work for these photos.

traveledroad said...


Whitney Lee said...

Ya'll look like you live in Louisiana. My mom always found it hysterical that grown, professional, admirable men in our community (including my own father) would dress up and have good 'ol childish fun a few times a year during Mardi Gras season!

leslie the young mother said...

oh my....y'all are too funny

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