Nursery Shams

Here's a little peak of our guest room that is being transformed into a temporary nursery for new baby due in January! I say temporary because eventually I'd like for both kids to share a room. When they are old enough, I'll put them together and covert the guest room back to a true guest room.

The nursery project budget - $0, so far. I hope to spend no more than $20 in the end. Granted I already have a lot of stuff to work with.

I used fabric scraps and old throw pillows {that I've been hoarding for years} to make these kid friendly shams.

The baby is going to sleep in a bassinet that my grandfather built for me when I was born.
My mom graciously treated us to a mattress for the bassinet and some fun fabric for me to recover a chair with.
I'm still brain storming about artwork.

The most common question I'm asked about not finding out the baby's gender is...How do you decorate the room? 

You simply make do. And I rather enjoy the challenge! We will fill in the pink or blue eventually.

Hope you all have a truly WONDERFUL weekend!


Lynn Beck said...

I love this. i actually like the red and yellow in the nursery. Those bolder colors are appealing and, from what I can tell from other shots, they fit into your house.

Have fun with everyone in Greenville.

Wanting What I Have said...

It looks great!!! I am so with you on the gender issue. We were surprised every time and it was such a delight! And like you said, the pinks or blues get filled in with time.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Love that gingham pillow! (Of course.)

We were surprised on delivery day with both of our boys...it's the best way to do it!!

Emily said...

How sweet is that bassinet?! What a precious heirloom.

mary straton said...

I love the duck fabric! So sweet!

Lindsay said...

HOW CUTE!!! Baby Spoon is going to be right at home... and I like the idea of not going too far in one gender direction or the other.

leslie the young mother said...

sooo cute! love your little kid friendly touches. Can't wait to meet new baby spooner!

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