Let the Festivities Begin

Hello from my birth state of Mississippi. Its always good to be here. My little man and I jumped in the car and road tripped it on Thursday afternoon. We are happily settling into a week long slew of Thanksgiving festivities and are looking forward to Stephen Grande joining us later this week. I'm always a little uneasy about traveling such a far distance alone with the Smalls. Thankfully, we had very uneventful travels with the exception of a little temper tantrum on a gas station convenience store floor {ewww}. His newest thing is falling out like a wet noodle when I want him to do something against his wishes. Seriously - falls. flat. on. the. floor. - and morphs into dead weight. I'm really trying to come up with a proper, effective, and consistent response to this tactic.

Since being here we've been doing some sock, shoe, and clothes shopping for noodle head Smalls and its taken more than one store to find his size in socks. Until now he's only had 3 pairs and they travel solo. One in the worsh, one in the dirty cloths, one in the dryer, one on his foot, one on the bathroom floor, one wadded up in his crib. They almost never ever ever EVER stick together as a pair. To remedy this situation I started pinning his dirty socks together so they don't get separated or eaten in the washing machine. My mom had us do this growing up and it is a nifty way to keep your socks in pairs. Occasionally a sock might get tangled up on the safety pin, but I believe you salvage way more socks than not by using pins.

I've also had the chance to start up that nursery project I mentioned in a previous post. I'm recovering two cushions that go in a wooden chair. I've never upholstered before so it is quite the experiment. Fortunately, for me, I'm not a perfectionist and I think/hope/pray I'll be happy with the end result.

In food and pregnancy matters....With the holidays and all I'm trying not to eat my weight in sweets. My test results came back negative for gestational diabetes (yeah!), but that doesn't give me a license to consume all the sugar in the state of Mississippi. I so craved sweets when pregnant with Stephen Small, especially towards the end of pregnancy and this time around seems to be quite similar. Clementines are helping to curb my craving. I'm really making an effort to snack on these instead of Oreos in between meals.

Lastly and relevant to the topic of my giant sweet tooth, here is my little brother's birthday cake that I just got through icing. He's 22 today and its fun to be able to celebrate with him in person. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!

That's all for now! I'll be back soon. Wish you all a great Thanksgiving week! 


Lynn Beck said...

Have fun in Mississippi and double happy birthday to Tator!

Lindsay said...

Have a great time! Happy birthday, George! That cake looks delicious! And you can enjoy a fat slice now that you don't have the diabetes.

Wanting What I Have said...

I have to share with you the most brilliant response I have ever seen to a child throwing a tantrum in public. Now, this was a kicking and screaming on the floor tantrum. It happened in DIck's Sporting Goods store. A father denied his son a candy bar. The child threw himself on the floor and the tantrum ensued. The father, without missing a beat, stepped back, put his hands on his hip and said, "Well son, make it a good one." And it was short lived. And all of us around him cracked up. Best wishes in dealing with those flat on the floor tantrums! :)

Dorothy said...

Pinning socks together!! Brilliant! I am 27, and I think this post may change my life! hehe ;)


--Dorothy(found ur blog thu Whitney Lee!)

and I love it!

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