Stephen Grande calls me most days when I'm at home and asks "What are you doing?"

"Worshin" I say. (And yes I say it just like that in a thick country accent.)

"Just a Worshin"

And I am always "worshin" clothes, dishes, the baby... you name it, I'm "worshin" it.

Aren't we all?

Today, I thought baby Stephen would like to join me in some of the folding after the "worshin" was done.

Boy was I wrong...
I think he dislikes "worshin" and foldin' even more than I do...
This baby's got a temper...
Ok, we'll do something else I told him...
That's the last time I'll ask this boy to help "worsh."
Man, I crack myself up.


Lynn Beck said...

SB -- You had a temper too!! when you'd get riled up about something, there was no stopping you. I think he just wants to play!!

p.s. I hate to fold clothes too, but I surely love having them all nicely put away.

The Hardens said...

You crack me up too! I love the insight into your daily life! It reminds me of the crazy, but frequent, things we say around our house. I have been on a major blogging hiatus. Life is crazy right now. Hopefully soon we will return!

leslie. said...

Hahahaha, you always crack me up :) I bet if we're all honest we all wish we could act like Stephen when it comes to all the "worsh".

Also, my "word verification" below this is "phorkers". Is that even a word?!?

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