Walter Inglis Anderson

Today is a typical Monday around here...baby Stephen and I have walked, cleaned, grocery shopped, and now he's taking a nap! Unfortunately I didn't document our weekend very well though we had a fun and busy time. So... what came to mind to share this afternoon is a little info about one of my favorite artist.

Walter Inglis Anderson (1903-1965)

He is a Mississippi artist who painted hundreds of images of the Mississippi gulf coast, especially wildlife and nature scenes. I love his work because 1) it is pleasing to the eye 2) the reproductions are very affordable and 3) he was a Mississippian (my home state) which makes the prints I have very personal.

When expecting Stephen, we did not find out whether we were having a boy or girl. This made getting a nursery together a little more challenging (not that I had any grand plans). The only thing I just "had to have" for the baby's room was some Walter Anderson water color prints, ordered from Realizations.

These hang over one of the twin beds in Stephen's room.
Animals # 1

Animals #2

You can order most prints in black and white or pay a little extra to have them water colored.

I like color.

A fun thing to do is order a black and white and water color it yourself. I have done this with a few post cards.

Another print I have is Big Turtle. My dad bought this for me last summer on a family trip to Ocean Springs, MS. It is also in Stephen's nursery.

To see more of his collection click here.

Hope you enjoy...happy Monday.

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Lynn Beck said...

I love these and I always love to see a new blog!!

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