Who needs toys when you have a Volvo?

Many months ago Stephen Grande purchased a used Volvo. It was a steal and he had grand plans to fix it, sell it, and make a little spending money {a hobby of his}. That is still the plan, but its taking a little longer than originally expected.

However, I feel that we've gotten our money's worth as it has become the Smalls favorite toy. It all started when Stephen Grande let Stephen Small play on the inside while he was working on the engine. Now he'd be thrilled to eat, sleep, and bathe in the there if we let him.

I'm gonna be kind of sad to see it go - one day - if it ever goes.

Who needs toys?

If I had a dollar for every hour he's played in this car, I could afford to buy my mama a Cadillac.

But then she'd have to sell her van.

And she really loves her van.

Almost as much as Smalls loves his Volvo.


Lynn Beck said...

SS is all boy!!

Laura said...

SB!! I can smell that old volvo smell just reading your post! I can't tell you how many memories I have from the days when I drove my old volvo(s). At one time my dad was managing his "fleet" of SIX OLD VOLVOS! Tell Stephen if he needs parts I bet my dad STILL has stuff in the basement!! SS would have been in HEAVEN!

Lindsay said...

J LOVES to do the same thing! He'll point to the door and repeat, "car" over and over. Wants to sit in there and play for hours. Most of the time he wants us out, watching through the window. They would have a ball, and probably start the thing and be halfway to Atlanta before we caught them. Trouble. Great pictures, just love Small's personality.

I say, keep it! I love volvos!

Emily said...

I love this post on many levels, but especially because my first car was a 1989 Volvo. It was a tank--and reminds me of Small's playhouse. What a cute imagination he has.

Confessions said...

love this for a two main reasons.
1. mt loves to "drive" matt's truck
2. secretly, a volvo stationwagon is my dream car. i know...totally dorky. i can live with that.

leslie the young mother said...

how adorable! what it is with boys and cars....just can't teach them that kind of affection. his personality is so precious!

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