Routine Check-ups

Hello internet friends! Life is busy. I almost hesitate to say that because I know everyone is SO busy. Its the American way and I guess we are no exception. It seems like we've had something on the calendar every single day for I can't remember how long. On my agenda this week has been taking two thirds of our little fam {myself and S. Small} to the doctor. Thankfully it was all for routine check ups. Wednesday I had my blood glucose test at my 28 week OB appointment. Y'all, I failed, with flying colors. Stephen Grande keeps joking with me that I've got the DIA-beat-is (please tell me you've seen the commercial). So...............I'm signed up to take the 3 hour blood glucose follow up test next week. {This is all screening for gestational diabetes if you're not familiar with this medical jargon.}  Let's hope I don't have the DIA-beat-is because if so, literally, a spoonful is going to get pretty boring for a while. See ya later pumpkin cake, hello whole wheat toast and hard boiled eggs.

Stephen Small's appointment was this morning {18 month check up} and went a little better than mine. He had a blast in the waiting room - no one was in there so he had free reign. He played so hard and laughed to himself {love it when he does that} while I read some fantastic articles out of WORLD magazine. I kinda hated to leave the waiting room when they called our name. For we were having such a nice time!

Stephen Small checked out fairly average for both height and weight. He got one shot and came home worn slap out. He's so precious. I love him. And I'm deeply grateful to God for his good health.

Well, that's all for today. Time for our next thing - eating pizza with friends and putting together missionary care packages for the holidays! Yay.


Wanting What I Have said...

I failed my first test with Sister, but passed the second with flying colors! Praying you will, too!

Lynn Beck said...

good luck with the test blood glucose is tricky anytime and esp. during pregnancy. Sounds like you have a good perspective on it.

Confessions said...

Ugh. I failed the first test with Little One. The long test was as rough as you think it will be. Lord- Give SB a big dose of your grace, especially on her test day. Amen.

AND...OH MY HEAVENS. i hope you are thanking God above for the gift of happiness in the doctor's waiting room. now THAT is worth singing about. :)

leslie the young mother said...

Sweet SS and his dr. enthusiasm. Just what you need as a human incubator! So sorry you failed the test...we all know you don't have the diabetes :)

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