My Mommer n' Nem

My Mommer n' Nem {translation: my mama, aunt, and two good friends} have come and gone to town. The reason for their visit was to see the lovely and talented author, Jan Karon, speak at my church as part of her promotion tour for her newest book, In the Company of Others. She is most well known for the Mitford series which is a most delightful read (9 books total). If you're looking for something uplifting and meaningful, I highly recommend.

The rest of mommer n' nem's stay was filled with good food, shopping, and every hair cut and doctor's appointment I could squeeze in while I had multiple babysitters.

The only time I really got camera happy was on our trip to World Market {or if your my mom - "World Bizarre"}.

May I just say I love this store!

They have everything you never needed and MORE.

I'll have you know I bought not one thing. But as you can see below, I enjoyed photographing all the COLOR.

After World Bizarre, Grand Ma Ma {Lovie} treated my Stephen Small to a cheeseburger and fries at Five Guys which he thoroughly enjoyed with large quantities of ketchup.

Mommer n' Nem - you're welcome anytime. Come back soon!


Emily said...

Just started At Home in Mitford last week. Sweet Father Tim.

Your pics of World Bizarre make me plum giddy. Love that store.

And there's nothing like a good momma. So glad yours got to come for a visit!

Wanting What I Have said...

The colors are AWESOME!!! Great pics!

Lynn Beck said...

What fun to see everyone in front of your beautiful door. SS is in good company liking ketchup. I think Chuck told you, but her father used to put ketchup in his tomato soup! And, of course, Aunt Lu and Uncle Nick have the whole "double ketchup" thing going.

Your pictures are gorgeous. I love World Market too... great stuff and great prices. I'm using some of their cake and scone mixes, and they are as good as homemade!

Lindsay said...

What fun! Your new door photographed beautifully, again. I love world market, used to go all the time in bham, hate we don't have one here. J could throw down some ketchup with SS. I love how red his hair is!! And finally, never read the Mitford series! Can you believe it?

leslie the young mother said...

Beautiful pictures! The colors of Christmas are contagious. And love SS's face full of ketchup, ha!

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