Little Arrangements

...anyone can express himself with some degree of originality in the area of flower arrangement. Every home can have something in the form of a 'flower arrangement' which is not a permanent part of the interior decoration, not a life-long treasure to be taken from home to home, but a constantly changing source of beauty, a continually fresh 'finishing touch' to the surroundings.

Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden Art of Homemaking

I'm no Martha Stewart or James Farmer, but I do like to bring a little life in my home every now and then (even if I'm the only one that cares). The best is when I can do this without spending any $$$. These three little arrangements below are all from flora in and around my yard.

Coleus, planted last spring and still blooming.

Dogwood branches. I really appreciate their speckled leaves that are just starting to change colors.

Pyracantha. There's a surplus in my neighbor's yard. It's perfect now for fall with its orange berries. They turn a true red closer to Christmas. Everything I've ever learned about this fire thorn shrub I learned from All Things Farmer. If you pick some - use sharp clippers and wear gloves. The branches have some wicked thorns.

Pine cones. I'm thinking of spray painting some gold at Christmas and putting them in a huge clear bowl.

These simple arrangements aren't much, but are a nice way to add little color and 'life' to the interior for FREE.

So go look around your yard. If you are like me, you'll find it therapeutic.
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