18 months, Jan, and Nursery Plans

This fine young fella is 18 months old as of yesterday. We celebrated with a much needed haircut. I made him a smoothie, strapped him down tight in his high chair, and went after his pretty red head to shape it into something decent. It's still something I'm tweaking as I see a longer strand every now and then.

I suppose 18 months is an appropriate age to drink a smoothie without the lid on the cup.

No spills.

In addition to getting a haircut, Stephen Small would love for you to know that we got a cat, a BIG one. Yes, we are cat owners. Her name is January Jones, Jan for short. We chose this name because the new baby is due in January and her fur is white like winter's snow that we rarely get here in Alabama. But anyways. The name has nothing to do with the co-star (Betty Draper played by January Jones) of the show Mad Men. We LOVE the show, er ah, I mean we would never watch such filth.

Jan was a gift from my mom and dad to the new baby, but its safe to say that Smalls has claimed her for his own. We made the mistake of teaching him to "growl like a tiger" and now that's about the only thing you'll hear out of him. Some days all he does is growl. Other days all his says is "nose."

18 month olds are HILARIOUS!!!!!

After the photo shoot with Jan and Smalls yesterday afternoon, I pulled out my fabric scraps (I know its a lot of scraps!) and began brainstorming about putting a little something together for our second child's nursery.

My plan is to use our guest room as a baby's room and then put both children together in Tiger Small's room once the baby is sleeping through the night. Our house has three bedrooms and we so love having a guest room. I want to hang onto it as long as possible. So please come stay with us - we will still have a place for you to sleep! The guest room will only be used temporarily as baby's room. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Originally I wasn't going to change one single thing about this room except for putting a crib in there, but now that the baby is getting closer I feel an overwhelming urge to prepare and decorate a space for this precious new family member.

Here's a little peak at what's coming together...
hope to finish it up next week and there will definitely be a post about it.

Be back soon.
Have a great Thursday! 


Lynn Beck said...

I love his handsome haircut. And he and January are adorable.

Emily said...

His blue eyes---presh. I love babes sharing rooms. So old fashioned. And teaches sharing at a young age.

joy said...

Yes, 18 month-olds ARE hilarious - its one of my favorite ages! Happy 18 months, SS!

Lindsay said...

Thought you actually got a cat for a second- almost passed out. Knew something was up, doc and livid would never give such a thing... I love toddlers!!!! They really are comedians.

Lindsay said...

*Lovie, not livid. Although I thnk she would be the latter if you got a cat.

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