A few of my faves....

This weekend when I wasn't by Lt. Dangle's side, I was at the computer viewing, sorting, organizing, deleting, editing, and ordering my last SIX MONTHS of photos.


Never again will I let it go that long because it was some serious and time consuming WORK. There was once a time when I purchased photos monthly and I'm bound and determined to reinstate that method.

As I was looking through photo after photo, I realized that many of my very favorites were the most candid, just a moment caught in time, and not the ones that were perfectly in focus and had someone looking straight at the camera posing.

Here are some of my all time faves and the reasons why I love them!

This one dates further back more than 6 months ago, but I love it and will always love it. Stephen Grade skiing. He's a rock star on skis and this picture captures that perfectly. {Sara Walker - if you're reading- I'm pretty sure you took this one summer of 2006}

Stephen Small in April '10 playing in the park. You can't see his face, but you can still see him. I could pick this photo out of 100,000 photos of the backs little boys and recognize him as Stephen Small.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one with the fan. I think it is so cool that Smalls is in the bokeh with a little smile of exhilaration at the air blowing in his face. After taking this one early this past summer, I tried the rest of the summer to get one just like this but in better focus. Months out from taking it, I really like the blurriness.

Here's another with S.S. in the bokeh. I don't know for sure what time of day this was taken, but I can tell by the way he's so intently focused on his drink that it was probably after nap time. Talk about the day in day out - this is IT for me, filling and refilling sippy cups.

Here I like the fact that they are not looking at the camera and the fact that Stephen Grande kind of has his tongue sticking out a little. That is something Stephen Small does all the time when he's concentrating. It's funny to see a glimpse of Grande doing the same thing.

Love the eyelashes and the angle....

Nervous smile on my wedding day. I think its cool that a few of the bridesmaids and groomsman are in the background unaware of the picture taking. {May 2006}

Totally candid here and having fun at the lake {once again - summer '06 - a good summer}. I initially thought this picture was a FAIL because of the sun, but now I think it just adds to the awesomeness.

My conclusion: The best pictures are not necessarily perfect, but the ones that capture life. I forget that a lot.


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE them all! Especially the nervous smile and the sun shot!!! I love to see life captured that way! Awesome.

Doc said...

Those are some great photos. The fan picture and the skiing picture convey a great sense of motion for a still photo. The wedding picture is so much real life . I love the picture of Stephen in the park. I had one similar to that as my screen saver for a long time that I liked even better than the one you posted. The fun in the sun picture created a great effect with the light.. I think you have a great eye. Your grandfather would have been proud. Photography was one of his hobbies - even had his own darkroom.

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