Baby Bibs

I've had a whole lotta fun lately making some bibs for some babies. And by the way, I love non-traditional fabric and colors for babies. Though pale pink and blue are nice, its fun to live on the edge a little.

You need: fabric, terry cloth or towel, snaps, and a bib you like to serve as a pattern. I've found the bigger bibs to be better for pattern purposes since you have more fabric to work with. There are also lots of printable templates I came across on the internet.

Trace bib shape with pen or sharpie onto fabric with the RIGHT sides of the fabric and terry cloth together.

Sew a small seam around bib edges BUT leave an opening large enough to turn bib right side out and place snaps.

Cut the excess terry cloth and fabric as seen below.

Place snaps BEFORE you sew up the opening.

Last, sew opening shut and finish off with a 1/4 inch border around bib.
I hope this all make sense.


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE 'em! Between your bibs and my sister's burp cloths...makes me want more babies! :)

Lindsay said...

Too cute, SB. You are such the accomplished sewer! I think I should maybe outsource to you instead of learning... :)

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