Visiting the Fam, New AC

Hello blog friends, new and old. Over the past week I have ventured to my birth state of Mississippi and am now back home again. I always love being with family and it is such a treat to have extra willing and able hands to help me handle my lively Stephen Small.

We spent the weekend in Jackson for a cousin's baptism and then Stephen Grande and I parted ways - he home to work - me on to my parent's house.

While there, Stephen Small practically ate, drank, and slept in the ice maker. Who needs toys?

Lovie (my mama) bought him some new p.j.'s at Pennies. I don't think I've been to J.C. Penny's in 20 years. That store has some great maternity clothes by the way, not a huge selection but I found some great jeans and and a couple of shirts.

Some of the other things we enjoyed were Gino's for lunch one day, a trip to the local fabric store, a visit with one of my high school friends and her little boy, and of course HAPPY HOUR. We always have happy hour in Greenville.

Our visit was short, but fun.

Wednesday morning we set out early for the 6 hour drive home across state lines. (My mom drove us back).

We made a stop by Wal-mart before leaving town. Lovie treated me to some pens and new legal pads. Oh the lists and budgeting to be done! It makes me giddy to think about such things.

For Stephen Small - snack cups (are these not the coolest things?), a car shade thingy, a portable DVD player, and the movie Toy Story.

He had it made in the shade on the way back.

But all his new gadgets and goods did not keep him from boredom towards the end of the trip, which you can only rely on self entertainment to cure.

Thank goodness for that little clothespin or me and Lovie might have lost our ear drums.

Once we arrived at my house, we were welcomed by a broken air conditioner.

That night was a little rough (sleep wise), but I still made it to work the next day. (For those of you who don't know, I'm a postpartum nurse. Normally I work about one weekend a month, but Thursday I put in an extra day since my mom was in town to babysit!)

Stephen Grande and I came home from our long days to a delicious taco salad for dinner. Thanks Mama for all your help!

Okay, normally I would stop the post here.

But to bring you fully up to date I must tell you that we purchased brand spankin' new AC (named Murphy) this morning. That's for all you DR fans.

I just had to share this news. It was such a significant step in our home ownership lives.

Well, I think that's all for today. Nap time is almost over and I've got worsh' to fold.

Have a great weekend!

Your (literally) very cool blog friend,



Lynn Beck said...

So glad that you're blogging again! I love SS with the clothes pin! And I'm so happy that you're nice and cool now.

Nell said...

SB -- Sounds like a great Delta visit! I have to tell you that we just put in a new AC, too. We have a new digital thermostat like y'all. I admit I was kind of sad to get rid of the old thermostat -- It was most certainly vintage. The repair guy said he'd never seen one that old. You would've loved it. :)

Confessions said...

oh murphy. maybe he'll stay away for awhile now? at least you were prepared!!

Lindsay said...

Penneys! Who knew. Ice makers and clothes pens- SS is such a hoot! Sorry about the ac. :( Murphy looks snazzy... not a fun purchase, but I think I appreciate it more than furniture right now.

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