I love Mondays!

Welcome Monday!

I'm so thankful for Mondays after my work weekends. The rest and quietness of home is so longed for and enjoyed. And although I like and appreciate my job, after super busy work days (like this past weekend) it is confirmed that my place is most definitely in the home rearing my youngin(s).

Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen is my most favorite place to be.
Yes it is.

I love home people. I can't help it.

But when I'm not there, SG does a fabulous job handling things.

On Sunday morning he served up our family's traditional french toast breakfast to our sweet boy (who had a very runny nose and could not make it to church).

Grande makes killer french toast by the way.


He took these pictures thinking I might want to blog about this. He was right!

The Stephens have a fantastic time together on their "boy" weekends. And I'm always welcomed home with hugs, kisses, and usually a warm meal (that SG cooks!)

Hope some of you love Monday as much as me!


Lynn Beck said...

I love the big and little plates together. SS is getting so many teeth!!

Lindsay said...

Good job, SG! That looks delicious. J wouldn't touch french toast when we had it a few Sunday's ago. Maybe SS can talk some sense into him...

bethan said...

barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen, my favorite too lady, my favorite too. also ss looks so great with all those teeth!!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Great post! Its the simple things that make life grand:)

The Macons said...

I love Mondays too and I especially love Monday with some SS pics!!!

leslie the young mother said...

Awww, such a sweet weekend for the Stephens! I love when daddy is in charge...and then a sweet day at home following a busy weekend is the best. Your monday sounds fabulous.

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