Crayon Roll

I made this super cute crayon roll for my cousin's little girl, Mollie, whose birthday is just around the corner.

Tutorial found here.

I don't know who first thought these things up, but I'm pretty sure they are one of the sharper crayons in the box (or in the crayon roll).

Have a great weekend!

*And thanks for all of you people's reassurance about the climbing thing AND for the recommendation for door safety locks. We will be investing in some SOON.


Lynn Beck said...

adorable!! You are way too talented. Big George was pretty handy, but no one else in our family is, so your skills must becoming from the Brown side of the family.

Nell said...

OMG that is a great idea! I love crayons and school supplies in general. Your sewing skills never cease to amaze me!

Lindsay said...

Love it!

Ashley Beth said...

Hi Sarah Barry - I'm Ashley Beth - Whitney's sister. I stumbled upon this blog when searching through one of my scrapbooker's blogs, and I thought of you - I check out your blog every now and again - it's so cute!! :) Anyway, this might be WAY beginner for you, but might enjoy, nevertheless - this is an older post about an online sewing class! http://frecklednest.blogspot.com/2010/07/home-ec-full-details-registration.html

Lindsay said...

Nice job, Darby!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, I've already commented. I knew I looked at it but forgot I commented. I seriously might be losing it.

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