Productive Day


Lots of worshin', cleaning, straightening, some cooking and now we are waiting FOR OUR COUSINS who are coming to visit for 3 days. They'll be here in an hour!

Don't you love a productive day... and a visit from family members who are also friends.

I know I do.


Whitney Lee said...

And what do you think about this "Collerine Conference Call?" Is that funny or what?!

Lynn Beck said...

I love that you have "eat lunch" and "take" shower on your list. You must be a mom of a toddler if you have to remind yourself to eat!!.

I really love the photos of everything! And your color coded list is wonderful. Glad Lovie and you got the colored sharpies when you were with together!

Meg said...

I adore productive days as well ... when I can look around and see the progress I've made. I think that's why I've started liking yard work (a little) more. But most days of mine are spent homeschooling and there's nothing physical to show for all of that hard work. I'll just keep enjoying your beautiful pictures of orderliness!

Nell said...

Love your list. Love sharpies. Love your productivity! What a great feeling!

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