Cousin Cousins

Growing up we lived 2 doors down from my mom's older sister and children. Needless to say, proximity made us more like siblings than cousins. Together we carpooled to school, took tennis lessons, played Nintendo, rode bikes, borrowed summer reading books, went to camp, etc. I remember doing a lot rollerblading too; it was all the rage. Older cousins would babysit the younger cousins. You get the idea. We were tight.

Now that we are older, we love congregating at any opportunity. This weekend, 2 of these said cousins (Ellen & Bibba) are in town to visit me and Aunt Lu, along with Ellen's children Mollie and Mac. We are having the largest time. And I've enjoyed hitting them up for some home decor advice. They both have great taste and are very handy and resourceful.

Here's a glimpse at our Saturday lunch and fun by the pool with our cousin cousins. That's a termed we've deemed for our children -- cousin cousins. It just feels strange to call them 2nd cousins or 2nd cousins once removed. Its too formal.

Lunch - we picked up Moe's. And I think I've officially converted from the Homewrecker to the Close Talker as my usual order. YUM - O.

Mollie Mo in her cute suit! 3 going on 21.

And crazy ol' Smalls. He's the best.

Well, time for me to get back to the fun. I'm waiting on the crew to return from Fresh Market and whip up some fabulous dinner!


Lynn Beck said...

What a treat to log on just as I'm leaving work to see a new post. It looks like you're having a grand time!!

Whitney Lee said...

So fun, SB! I love family like that. And that Mollie is too beautiful for words!

Lindsay said...

Y'all have fun! Love that SS in his swim diaper. Also, now I really want a homewrecker...

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