Good Lighting and Decorating

Our newly renovated sun room, wreck room, teen room, toddler room (whatever you want to call it) has excellent lighting. With windows covering nearly 2 full walls I know I can capture lots of great photos in there at all times of the day.

Now I just need to get the room spruced up and decorated. I went with the neutral wall approach which was hard for me since I'm a colorful gal. But I have watched one too many "Designed to Sell" shows lately and I chose a neutral white-ish color. Not that we are selling our house anytime soon, but I hate to paint! And I don't want to regret painting a room Persimmon Red in 3 months (or 3 weeks). Plus I've learned you can get your color whims out in accessories.

Two of my favorite decorating blogs are At the Walker House (my friend Sara, LOVE her style!) and the very well known Little Green Notebook. Wish I could borrow these ladies brains while I shop for a rug, chairs, and fabric for pillows. I confess I am NOT a decorator. I do appreciate a beautiful room and recognize what I like. However, I really struggle in putting it all together over time. Decorating is a process.

I'm just excited to have a room that's a blank slate. My goal is to make it comfortable, fun, & budget friendly. I'll let you know how it goes! All decorating advice is welcomed.


Lindsay said...

Precious photos! Yay for good light! Love what I've seen of the teen room so far- I know you'll have it so homey in no time.

Sara Walker said...

Thanks for the shout out!!

Lynn Beck said...

He is so darling!! And he really looks like you!

Nell said...

That room will be the perfect backdrop for so many cute photos of SS!! I love what I've seen so far, and I know y'all will love spending time in there. Keep us updated on progress!

Sara said...

It was so nice hanging out with you last night! PS i went to Sara Walker's blog, per your suggestion, and i am DEFINITLEY copying her planter idea! You can tell her that she also has a new blog stalker that she has never met!! Take care!

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