Catching Up

Since our river trip, we've had quite a full week. Long days of work, home renovations, swimming, exercise, a dentist appointment, and lots of meal planning and cooking have occupied our family life.

Today I want to do a little look back through June since I've been so negligent in documenting this month.

After I left my friends in Memphis and swung through Mississippi to see family and pick up Stephen Small, my brother accompanied me on the long trip home to Alabama.

We stopped at a roadside fruit stand to buy some peaches and tomatoes, definitely one of the many highlights of our trip.

I was so grateful to have my brother along given that toddlers get pretty restless on 6 hour drives. Thanks George!

Once at home we spent many afternoons swimming at Aunt Lu's. Brother George stayed for several days. Stephen Small especially enjoyed bonding with his Uncle Tater.

Teaching Stephen Small to eat ketch up was one of Tater's contributions during his visit.

Other happenings in June...

I've taken full advantage of a near by Farmer's market. Its a great outing even on these 100 degree days. One of my favorite things to do is take my camera and get some good photos. I love all the color in one place!

No matter what we end up doing during the day our mornings consistently begin with a cute earlier riser sitting on the couch with a cup of milk and a graham cracker.

Most often, couch time is followed by breakfast and then a trip to the YMCA. Can I just say I love the Y! I love getting out of the house, I love the childcare there, my gym friends, and the fans you can angle directly on you when you work out!

Many of our (I mean Stephen Grande's) nights and weekends have been occupied working on our new room. And I'm proud to say it is 98.5% finished, all but some paint touch ups and electrical stuff. Stephen Grande has lovingly labored to give us this new space and we love him for that.

The new floors don't match our original hardwoods, but the flooring was FREE from my parents. They had it leftover from re-doing the floors in all their bedrooms. We plan to put a transition strip down and much of the floor will be covered by a large rug. We are going to love this extra space!

Lastly, I've been fervently working on meal planning and grocery shopping this month. I want to get better at both. This venture has inspired me to try some new recipes. I posted 4 of them on literally, a spoonful. Check them out!

Well, I've hit the highlights as best I could. June has flown.

Come on July!


MaryMartha said...

Hey. I keep meaning to tell you. The girls and I have been swimming at the Y alot lately.
There is a group of us that order pizza at the water park on Bell Rd for dinner 1 night a week. Let me know if your interested...its been fun!
Miss seeing u around!

Whitney Lee said...

We must be long lost sisters; I've been going to the farmer's market, taking pictures, and grabbing peaches. Don't you just love it?

Lynn Beck said...

I am so thrilled to have a good long post. And that picture of SS with the watermelons is my new screen saver! What a doll!! Continue to enjoy your summer!

Lindsay said...

June has flown. 1. J loves dipping things in ketchup. And sour cream, and any other sauce. The fry is just a vehicle. Maybe they'll eat boxes of waffle crisp together someday... oh, let's hope not. 2. Tator is a grown man. 3. I want you to help me navigate the farmer's market, I look like a poser. 4. Love all the new recipes, you've inspired our dinner tonight!

leslie the young mother said...

what fun pictures SB! you always inspire me to drive 3 hours in any direction in search of a farmer's market....but then what would i do. help me. can't believe July is already half over....oh no.

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