A good friend is hard to find.

It's true, a good friend is hard to find. (I have found that) friendships seem to take years to solidify in adulthood. Busy schedules, husbands, children, doing your taxes, and other grown up responsibilities all slow down the pace of getting to know people. When you are younger and have less attachments it seems easier to make fast friends.

These three ladies in the picture with me are my college roommates. We all became instant friends our freshman and sophomore years at Auburn University (with the exception of Lindsay and I who have been best friends since 7th grade).

Left to right (Bob, Nell, me, Leslie, Lindsay). This was Bob's first reunion. And for the record, he did not go to Auburn with us.

This past weekend was our third annual reunion. Nell hosted us in her hometown. Her parents were out of town and they kindly allowed us to stay at their house with a pool, outdoor room, screened in porch, and plenty of bedrooms. It was glorious. The weekend was perfect with no children, best friends, divine food, and plenty of diet coke for all. I'd be a liar if I claimed we did anything but eat and talk. But that's all we wanted to do.

We all arrived on Friday afternoon. Nell prepared a classic summer meal for us, grilled pork tenderloin and salad with strawberries and a vinaigrette dressing. We dined on the screened porch and enjoyed every bite. Both the meal and the conversation nourished our souls.

Saturday morning we awoke at 7 am. We are all consistent early risers. And as we do every reunion, we donned our tennis shoes and set out for a 3 mile walk after eating "first" breakfast.

We then went to the most quaint little restaurant (for "second" breakfast) where I got the mother of all cinnamon rolls. Afterward we drove over to Nell's house since a couple of us have never seen it. She has the most charming style and it was so fun to see how she's decorated her place. Nell, I love your taste! Please come help me.

After "second" breakfast and the stop by Nell's, we were back to the house and into the pool. There is nothing I like better than sitting in the pool all day. We broke for lunch and a fun visit from Casey C, one of Nell's hometown friends that she introduced us to years back.

She brought us these yummy cupcakes and took the picture of us at the top. Thanks Casey!

Saturday evening came too fast. We dressed for dinner, but first we had to make a stop by the Pottery Barn Outlet. No one bought anything, but it was fun to look and get inspired. We then went on to dinner, Mexican food, of course. It was SO good. It wasn't your average Mexican restaurant. It was definitely a step up. As we wrapped up the meal, we could feel our reunion weekend slowly coming to a close. We went back to Nell's and stayed up as late as we could stand it. Sunday morning came and we all began parting ways. I must say it was a let down coming off the "high" of such a fun weekend together. Every year we start making our reunion plans in winter and early spring. Every e-mail and phone call is ended with "Can't wait till June" or "I'm so excited to see y'all in 2 months." Anyway, this year was perfect and it will just have to tide us over until next summer! Thanks Nell for hosting. Thanks Leslie for driving the furthest as always. Thanks Lindsay for bringing petit four cookies. Love you girls!

Until next year....


lexie johnston said...

hahahaha bob!!!!
glad yall had a fun trip and glad you got muddy's out of the deal!
-billy lexie

leslie the young mother said...

oh SB, the weekend recap is perfect. Good friends are such a treasure... The weekend of eating and chatting is just what our souls needed to refresh us. And next year will be here before we know it! Love you!

Whitney Lee said...

That is so sweet! You are blessed to have that!

Nell said...

Great summary of a great weekend, SB! So glad you documented it. I hope you and SS enjoyed your time in MS. Love you and can't wait for Reunion 2011!

Lindsay said...

LOVE that Bob has a caption, he certainly was a part of the group.

Had the best time, already looking forward to next time we all get together! SB- I'm so glad you recorded all the food and fun.

(I regret that I am wearing a hat)

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