was a long day.

Because Monday night was a long night.

Reason being, this precious, adorable, most sweetest boy of mine woke up in the night not only once, not twice, but three times. He was in fits, screaming fits.

I still don't know what it was...his teeth? a nightmare? his appendix?

He still hasn't told me.

All that to say, Tuesday morning I threw away my mental to do list all in the name of recuperation and lack of sleep.

I declared it a "fun" day since that's all I was good for. My "fun" consisted of sewing these 12 burp cloths for future baby gifts. 6 boy, 6 girl.

Little in this life gives me more joy than a completed sewing project and a stack of cute fabrics.

Come 2 o'clock (still in pajamas) I felt a desperate need for a sugar rush. So with no chocolate on hand I opted for my cousin's most perfect sugar cookie recipe.

It ended up being a good day. A long day, but a good one. And thankfully all slept well last night.


Susie said...

SS looks quite happy with his lack of sleep! Glad y'all had a better night.

Lindsay said...

Poor Smalls. Those cookies are so perfect (and delicious) looking. Would have thought you picked them up at the Publix.

Lynn Beck said...

Some days... and nights are just like that. I hope he feels better and that you get some rest.

leslie the young mother said...

Agreed. SS is super cute and happy with that cookie in his mouth :) and yes, they look like you bought them. You little Betty Crocker. Feel like sharing the recipe? the tube of dough, while quick and easy, just can't compete with home made. And the burp cloths are super cute, love the fabric!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Love the burp clothes! Perfect gift. Sugar cookies lookin' good. I could eat a dozen right about now. Sounds like you have a molar cutting toddler on your hands. Been there, done that. Still doin' that. Motrin helps...but so do cookies;) Hope you guys have a better rest of the week!

mary straton said...

SS looks like such a big boy in that top picture!

I would love the sugar cookie recipe. they happen to be my fave...

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