24 Hour Lake Vacation

The LAKE , food, friends, family, cloudy skies, hot tea, trail mix, toys, baby pool, grilling, chips and dip, diet coke, wine, conversation, magazines, pop tarts, boats, skiing, a huge back porch (complete with baby gates), a little rain, and a lot of fun comprised an overnight stay at the lake this Memorial day weekend! Our gracious friends invited us and they swore we did not wear out our welcome. We had a fantastic time away from home and away from our 957 D.I.Y. projects.

Stephen Small loved the change of scenery and a chance to play with other children. It was totally worth enduring the car sickness on the way up there. Poor little man threw up all over himself, his car seat, and ME. The winding lake roads really got his insides churning. I'll spare you the rest of the details.

I will say Aunt Lu offered for him to ride back in her car with leather interior. Now that's love. Thanks for the offer Aunt Lu. He did just fine on the way home (in our vehicle) ; He slept the whole way.

We had such a great time. The lake was the perfect 24 hour get away to re-charge my batteries and get over my broke down-ness , especially since Stephen Grande did the early morning child duties and allowed me to sleep for 2 extra hours past Stephen Small's wake time (which is very early these days). It felt SO good to sleep.

Thank you friends for being the hosts with the most! Thank you Stephen for the extra sleep. Thank you Aunt Lu for offering you car. And thank you Stephen Small for not vomiting on your mother on the way home.

Happy Memorial Day!


Whitney Lee said...

Sounds wonderful! I love the lake!

And that's a mother's love: cleaning up your child's vomit. You're a great momma!

Lindsay said...

Fun! I want to squeeze SS, summer babes are so precious.

Car vomit. NOT fun. Toddlers seem to always be covering themselves and their mothers in some form of fluid- good thing they are the cutest things on the planet.

Laura said...

Sarah Barry,
I don't think we've ever met, but I'm Stephen's cousin on the Evans side (his mom is my dad's sister). Anyway, your little guy is adorable and I enjoy reading your blog! I've recently started teaching myself to sew, and your sewing projects are very inspiring. :)

Anonymous said...

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